Message from the president


“We will lead the mutual and fair cooperative ICT project”

Hello, this is the president of National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

In this century, we are living in two different earth ? the physical earth which we can step on, and the digital earth that we cannot touch but still exist. In this physical earth, Korea has obtained great results including 170 billion dollars of its export record in ICT industry in 2014. We are dueling over the first place in memory chips, displays, cellular phones, and TVs.

Moreover, Korea is currently focusing on the ‘digital earth.’ National IT Industry Promotion Agency takes the helm of creating new ICT industries, policy research, research and development, and training the professionals in ICT to leap forward once again in this ‘digital earth.’ We carry out leading projects and international cooperation for creating new business with ICT grafted onto industrial field. We particularly focus on realizing the ‘Software Oriented Society’ by creating market in new industry field such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, and Digital Contents.

We would like to share our experience of ICT development with overseas countries and support countries in need of electronic government. We will assist in ICT policy making and enforcement through dispatching the leading ICT experts and promote cooperation with nations around the world for advancing new industry with ICT convergence as well.

Many thanks to you,